Playlist for Willie Nelson’s BDAY / MAY DAY

Tyler The Creator- Treehome95

Iggy Pop- Ready To Die

Iggy Pop- DD’s

Tyler The Creator- Pigs

Friends- Friend Crush

NOFX- Goddess

Kevin Ayers- Don’t Sing No More Sad Songs

The Pogues- Sickbed of Ciulcallen

NOFX- Ron & Mags

Gang Of Four- We Live As We Dream Alone

The Pogues- Wild Cats Of Kilkenny

Talking Heads- Crosseyed & Painless

NOFX- Monday

Rancid- Lady Liberty

Rise Against- Swing Life Away

Blackbird Raum- Cities

Drakkar Sauna- Very Much Alone, Pt. 4, Oh Fucked, I’m Fucked

Talking Heads- The Great Curve

Squeeze- Black Coffee In Bed

Iggy Pop- Unfriendly World

Frank Zappa- Zomby Woof

Billy Bragg & Wilco- Joe Dimaggio’s Done It Again

Hiromi Uehara & Chick Corea- Concertio De Aranjuez

Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan- Panco & Lefty

Bob Marley & The Wailers- So Much Things To Say

Bob Marley & The Wailers- Guiltiness

Steel Pulse- Man No Sober

Clementine & The Galaxy- Crying My Whole Heart Out

The Van Allen Belt- Humanist Hymn

The Van Allen Belt- Taste

Tyler The Creator- Rusty

Chvrches- Recover

Secret Sisters- Big River



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