Playlist March 8th [Just Dropped In]

Rossini- William Tell Overture

Tackhead- Ticking Time Bomb

The Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go

King Sunny Ade- 365 Is My Number

The Clash- Red Angel Dragnet

Bad Religion- Generator

Millencolin- Lozin’ Must

Bad Brains- Let Me Help

Millencolin- Monkey Boogie

Suicidal Tendencies- You Can’t Bring Me Down

Steel Pulse- Bodyguard

Ten Foot Pole- Wake Up (And Smell The Facism)

Ten Foot Pole- Never Look Back

Bad Brains- Big Takeover

Suicidal Tendencies- Disco’s Out/Murder’s In

Rancid- Hooligans

The Clash- Overpowered By Funk

Swinging Udders- Reds, Blues, & Beggars

Usher- Call Me A Mack (48 HR Mix)

Propellerhead ft. Shirley Bassey- History Repeating (Knee Length Mix)

MF Doom- Go With The Flow

NOFX- The Decline

Ween- Flutes Of Chi

Prince Paul- Make Room

People Under The Stairs- More Than You Know

Deltron 3030- Positive Contact

Jay Z- Hard Knock Life

Kid Capri w/ Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick- Unify 

Major Lazer- Can’t Stop Now

Masta Ace & Greg Nice- Don’t Understand

Kid Capri w/ Snoop Dogg & Slick Rick- We’re Unified

Too Short- Oakland

Celly Cell- Funk 4 Life

DJ Topcat- Folsom Prison Gangstaz

DJ Topcat- Big Paper Planes

Dialated Peoples- Clockwork

David Bowie- Let’s Dance

Propellerhead- History Repeating (Ankle Length Mix)

Justin Timberlake & Snoop Dogg- Signs

Kool & The Gang- Ladies Night

Gorillaz- Latin Simone

DJ Topcat- Johnny Jump Around

The Pogues- I’m A Man You Don’t Meet Everyday

The Clash- Atom Tan

The Pogues- Sunnyside Of The Street

Dead Prez- Hell Yeah (Pimp The System)

Rory Gallagher- Used To Be



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