Playlist Feb. 19th/20th [David Lynch, Madness, Meditation & Mumbling]

Angelo Badalamenti- Audrey’s Theme [Twin Peaks]

Beck- Black Tambourine (Guerolito Remix) [Inland Empire]

Dave Brubeck- Three To Get Ready [Inland Empire]

Marilyn Manson- I Put A Spell On You [Lost Highway]

Modest Mouse- Night On The Sun

Roy Orbison- In Dreams [Blue Velvet]

Devo- Satisfaction

Little Eva- The Locomotion [Inland Empire]

Dubblestandart w/ David Lynch & Lee “Scratch” Perry- Chrome Optimism

Jah Wobble & The Invaders Of The Heart- Whiskey Priests

Chris Isaak- In The Heat Of The Jungle [Wild At Heart]

Israel Vibration- Cool & Calm

Abyssinians- Meditation

Kook Keith- Halfsharkhalfalligatorhalfman

Frank Zappa & The Mothers- Peaches In Regalia

Rubberbandits- Song For Willie O’Dea

Tom Waits- Way Down In The Hole

Asuka Kakitana Orchestra- Bumblebee’s Garden

Lou Reed- This Magic Moment [Lost Highway]

Foxbat Strategy- Almost An Angel

Connie Stevens- 16 Reasons [Mullholland Dr]

David Lynch- Good Day Today

David Bowie- I’m Deranged [Lost Highway]

Messrs- Everybody Knows

Antonio Carlos Jobim- Insensetez [Wild At Heart]

B.I.G.- Mo Money Mo Problems

Dead Prez- Way Of Life

Outkast- Git Up Git Out



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